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Sing & Play The Phil Woods Songbook Vol.2 / Michela Lombardi (Philology)


Michela Lombardi (Vocals)
Phil Woods (AltoSax)
Piero Frassi (Piano)
Nino Pellegrini (Bass)
Piero Borri (Drums)

Recorded on January 3rd & May 27th, 2009

1 Medley: And When Were Young, The World Is Like a Playground (Woods, Hendricks)
2 Frassi (Lombardi)
3 Beside the Sea (Woods)
4 Beloved Elis (Woods, Lombardi)
5 Labor of Love (Woods, Lombardi)
6 This Is True Love (Woods, Lombardi)
7 Medley Randi, Such a Lovely Place (Woods, Lombardi)
8 Our Love (Woods)
9 Sittin' Here (Woods)
10 Sunset in Urbino (Woods, Lombardi)
11 Where Do We Go from Here? (Woods)